Welcoming Home A New Puppy Into Your Home

Welcoming Home A New Puppy Into Your Home

When you welcome a new puppy into your home, the list of todo's can seem endless! What to feed them, how to care for their health and exercise, how to make them feel comfortable and welcome in their new forever home...

As every puppy brings its own personality, the most important thing you can do is simply care, be patient and work to communicate with your puppy so your lives together can be one full of sharing, fun and endless amounts of unconditional love!

It is vital to follow instructions from your breeder, rescue shelter or wherever you get your puppy from, as it is important to book in scheduled vet visits amongst all the other things that you should think about regarding training, feeding, socialising and exercise.

Dog's are smart and puppy's come with a host of skills and traits they are ready to show off on day one, the trick is to work out how to best communicate with your paws so they understand what it is you are asking of them or offering them.

Basic puppy schools will help give you some amazing socialisation and skills to start your journey of communication but even for those that tackle this without that support, it does not take much to find information from your breeder and online support groups and websites so you can learn from other peoples' mistakes and save yourself frustration as you learn to speak dog. The internet contains information about everything. It is therefore a good idea to ensure you use trusted websites that you are comfortable with to gather your information.

It is really not the dog that needs the training, it is us, the humans! So with this in mind, you will be well served by learning as much as you can about your puppy's breed, including traits, history of the breed and common health problems that you can try and avoid with your puppy. We use a host of websites in our own customised toy business to reaffirm what we have learned about our customers breeds to make sure we always provide the right toys for your dog at their stage of life.

We understand that the toys you give to your puppy are vital to helping their development, exercise, training and emotional stability. OurPuppy Welcome Home Box therefore contains a bit of everything and can easily (and often are) customised to suit your puppy's breed. We include soft toys for calm, sleepy times - to help give them something to chew, something to cuddle and to simply help them relax. We also include one of our magical 350GSM microfibre towels, perfect for drying paws and bodies, as well as helping get your puppy used to being touched (especially paws) so they are more easily cared for as they grow and need grooming and or nails cut. From here, we add an ID Tag, poo bag set and some rope and/or TPR toys depending on the breed of the puppy.

If you are welcoming a puppy into your home and are worried about what you need to do, the main thing is to remember that as long as you have a loving home, you are giving your new family member the best opportunity to explore, grow and interact with you and the world around you with loving paws!

Visit our Puppy Welcome Home Box here, or you can also order a Customised Box if you are simply interested in the toys, rather than the tag and towel in the puppy box!