Our Friends and Partners

Presents For Paws is a proudly Australian small business that works closely with industry and public partners to provide a range of products and services for Dogs throughout our beautiful country. Below are some of the businesses, breeders and organisations we have supported and or are working with currently.

Dogs Victoria - https://dogsvictoria.org.au/
Canine Comprehension - https://www.caninecomprehension.com.au/
Breeder Directory - https://www.breederda.com.au/
CANA - https://www.cana.net.au/
British Bulldog Club of Victoria - https://www.bbcov.com/
British Bulldog Club of Queensland - https://qldbulldogclub.com/
Victorian Women's Dog Association - https://www.facebook.com/VictorianWomensDogClub/

Dog Breeders we supply
Matalia Staffords - https://mataliastaffords.com.au/
Rucambon French Bulldogs - https://www.ruecambonfrenchbulldogs.com/
Ballabull Bulldogs - https://www.instagram.com/ballabull_bulldogs_ballarat/
Graylan Cavaliers - https://www.graylancavaliers.com.au/
Oodles by OoLaLa - https://oodlesbyoolala.com.au/

Manufacturers - Products We Sell
ANUERA Animal Nutrition - 100% Natural Multi-Functional Supplements

SodaPup Tough Toys, Slow Feeders and Enrichment Products