What's In The Box?

Like all them humans, we paw’d puppies and dog like, love and require entertainment! The Presents For Paws boxes are full of things to chase, chew, tear apart, snuggle up to, plus a range of accessories to make life with your human more enjoyable.

Rope Toys

Dog Rope Toys
Designed to be tugged, thrown and torn apart, rope toys have been a favourite dog toy for decades. Our collection are specifically designed for dogs, with non-toxic rope and colours that you and your dog will love! We choose from dozens of rope toy designs based on the size, age and personality of your paw’d present receiver!

Chew Toys

Dog Chew Toys
Perfect for paws and jaws that get bored, our chew toys will keep your dog entertained, help with dental hygiene (we also have a range of dental specific toys) and save your furniture and garden from being destroyed when you are not available to play! We have a huge range of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) toys ready for dogs that crave a chew!

Cuddle Toys

Dog Cuddle Toys
Curling up for a rest, our range of plushy, squishy toys are meant for snuggling. Perfect for puppies right through to our older pups, our range of plush toys look adorable and are the perfect tactile friend for your paw friends. As with many of the toys in our range, our cuddle toys come in a variety of sizes and the Large and Extra Large Boxes also come with even larger and more premium toys.

Squeak Toys

Dog Squeak Toys
Lying nestled in bed, paw'd friends love the reaction they get when their favourite squeak friend lets out a yell! While these might not be an every moment of every day toy, they are so much fun, especially the ones they never expected to make a noise. Our range of squeak toys also are cuddly, ropey and great for paws that love to investigate... Wait, watch, laugh!

 Throw Toys

Dog Throw Toys
Fetch it Fido! Retrieving things for paw pack leaders (that's your human!) is an awesome activity for the whole family. Wear out your delighted dog with one of our fun throw toys and interact with a healthy pastime for the whole family!

Dental Toys

Dog Dental Toys
You humans get a brush, what about me? According to Oscar (my Lagotto), it's just toof hard to use a brush so our range of Dental toys are designed to encourage your dog to investigate, chew and clean their teeth. Perfect stuffed with their favourite treat, whether that be some of their dry food or a bit of carrot!

Poo Bag Set

Why just carry a big plastic bag when you can now have your owner pick up your poo with incredible style. People will pass and ask to join in (may not actually happen) as you scoop up last nights dinner with abundant delight and adorable style. Ok, it’s a poo bag holder and we also have sets of bags we throw in so you can keep your neighbourhood clean!

Premium 350gsm Microfibre Towel

As I may have mentioned a few hundred times throughout the writing on this site, I own Lagottos, and they my friends are a water dog. They love to sit in puddles in the middle of winter, so we have scoured the world for a material to work perfectly, without being too small. We ended up with a 350GSM Microfibre towel and we had it custom made at 100cm x 50cm. Perfectly long enough to enwrap most dogs and absorbent enough to dry the wettest water dog from head to paw!


Dog Water Bowl
If you walk, please take water. Our extremely portable waterbowl holds a mighty 1L of water but folds and zips up to a tiny 15 x 9 cm.

ID Tags

Need a customised tag for your Dog? We have a massive range of shapes, sizes and colours, ready to mark with your favourite friends’ details. If you would like us to make you a tag to go into your pack, simply add the details on the product page!