Toys For Teething Puppies

Toys For Teething Puppies

What is puppy teething?
Teething is very normal. It is the simple process of baby teeth falling out and adult teeth pushing through. Below is a list of questions we discuss a lot with our customers.

These discussions and product research have helped us build a selection of perfect puppy teething toys that are strong, soothing and supportive of teething doggies. We can customise any of our boxes to suit your teething pup, simply drop us a note in your shopping cart or send us a message and we will organise the best teething pack, specifically for you.

If you are experiencing issues with your puppy's teething, ALWAYS consult your vet or professionals at your Vet Hospital.

When do puppies go through teething?
Like human teeth, the starting point and duration will change depending on your dogs breed and pawsonality.

As a basic guide, by the time they come home at 8 weeks, they will have their baby teeth out and will start to fall out a month or 2 later. This is when the main teething will occur till their adult teeth come through by 6 months or so. (this is simply a basic guide, please refer to your breeder and vet for specific timetable of your puppies teething)

What can i do to sooth my puppy teething?
Puppies are known for their love of teething destruction when first arriving home. Dogs use their mouths to investigate everything and if you don't provide them with something to help, they will find their own solution and this can mean the loss of your favourite clothing and household items.

There are many things that can be done to support your dog as a puppy, but as toy experts, we are going to stick to our toy-lane and simply talk about the best toy types to sooth, nurture and support their adult teeth coming through.

What are the right toys?
Strong, safe and soothing. This is what you want for a teething puppy. As mentioned above, if left to their own devices, they will chew whatever they can find and this can damage not only your clothes, but their mouth and development of adult teeth.

Probably one of our most tested and researched product lines is our range of strong, soft and soothing TPR. TPR stands for thermoplastic rubber. Used widely in the medical industry, it is known for being soft, bendy and extremely tough. TPR is PVC and BPA free, so is very safe, but on top of that, the TPR products that Presents For Paws sells will keep your paws entertained for hours, while massaging gums.

Dogs gums can get extremely sore during teething. As baby teeth fall out and adult teeth start to push through, their gums may bleed and get inflamed, leading to a lack of interest in food and touch from their human family.

Our TPR toys all have a series of nodules that brush and bend around your puppies mouth and gums and can be a safe toy for extended periods, rather than other toys that may need constant supervision. By massaging gums of your pup, you will give them the best tool to support them but also is great at saving your socks, jocks and furniture! Our TPR products also contain a squeaker, so are perfect for distracting puppies away from nipping at hands and feet.

Natural Rubber
Strong Natural Rubber toys are another product range that we stock hundreds of different items of shape, size and colour. Natural rubber is a safer option than synthetic rubber and very popular with vets and breeders for teething puppies. It is very rare that a dog would be allergic to natural rubber so it is a widely used material. It is a lot harder than TPR, so we suggest natural rubber being great in items such as our treat balls that have a series of teeth that brush and massage teeth and gums. Great for keeping dogs mouths healthy, they help to scrape away plaque and food that can cause dental issues later on on in life.

Other Toys
Depending on your dog breed, we have a range of softer toys and rope toys that may be suitable for your dog when supervised more closely than with TPR or Natural rubber products. Balance is the key as is timing. When your dog is playing with you, a rope tug toy can be perfect, as can a softer toy to mouth while falling asleep on your lap.

No matter the breed, temperament and size of your paws, teething is worth investigating to ensure you have a wonderful first 6 months with your newest family member. If you are looking for a teething pack, customised just for you, email or click on the chat box at the bottom right of your screen to talk to us live.