The Perfect Treat For Dogs You Meet - Dog Gifts @ Presents For Paws

The Perfect Treat For Dogs You Meet - Dog Gifts @ Presents For Paws

Looking to send a gift to a friend or family for someone who you think has everything... including an adorable dog?

Presents For Paws was created in 2020 to add a splash of colour, surprise and value to paw loving families. We have a range of pawfect gifts available for dogs for any occasion!

During times like this, helping your friends and family smile is more valuable than ever. Our creative idea to personalise and customise boxes of dog toys and accessories for dog loving families has helped do just that - put a smile on the face of paws and parents (pawrents) alike!

We make it easy, we make it fun and we always send it with some pawsonalised love. By learning the gift receivers breed, name and age, we can collect, sort and create a box of treats designed specifically to the needs of the dog and their family.

There is never a bad time to send a paw present and we cater for everything from Birthday's, get well soon, Lockdown boredom boxes and include a personalised message in every gift box. Messages can be sent to us to write for you and if you are stuck for words, we always include a personal message to ensure they know who has sent them their amazing gift.

With the dogs name written on top of our customised boxes, our paw present boxes are a surprise that will brighten the day of any paw loving family. We customise the toys we pack into every boxe based on a few basic things - the dogs breed, age and temperament.

You can fill out a profile for your gift receiver by registering here or simply send us a message in the checkout notes with any details you want to tell us about the dog. We ensure your box, regardless of size you choose is a perfect mix of the right toys. That means if you are sending a present to a tiny Poodle, a rugged Rottweiler or a gracious Great Dane, we will ensure they have the right size and types of toys to entertain, distract and inspire them with some gorgeous colour and heart felt joy! 

Want something for a tough dog? We have a huge range of tough toys for tough jaws, so if your dog has a strong jaw and requires tough toys, we will know from the info you provide and ensure you get exactly what you need! Same goes for any variation in personality and we are always here to talk through your order to ensure you have the tough, the fluff, the chase or chew toys in just the right mix for you.

View Our Customised Gift Boxes

Extra Large Customised Gift Box
Large Customised Gift Box
Medium Customised Gift Box
Small Customised Gift Box

We also stock a range of super soft, chewy and gorgeous soft toys, perfect for puppies or to brighten up the day of anxious dogs. Our large chewy plush toys, including Brown Bear, Green Elephant and Pink Pig are designed with chew mesh that help them stay together longer, while still being a totally soft and anxiety killing soothing machine! Perfect for sleeps, cuddles or wrestling while hoomans are busy working or watching the big game! View our luxury extras here.

Our Pre-made Packs are just that, packs that are packaged and ready to go. What you see, is what you get! Our premade packs are an affordable pack of interactive rope and rubber toys. Our packs have 4, 7, 10 or 12 products ready to go and like with our customised boxes, we can and will always include a personalised note inside your present pack.

Same day dispatch! Every order received before 12pm daily is sent the same day and we ALWAYS dispatch orders within a day of them being received. We also offer Australia Post Express Mail in our checkout, so if it needs to get somewhere quickly, we have you covered!

Yes, we love all dogs and we are a small business based in Melbourne Australia and deliver to any of the millions of dogs across our great country, so if you are thinking of sending a personal gift to show some love during these unusual times, you should check out our quality range of presents for paws.