Save 10% On Easter Specials

Save 10% On Easter Specials

Easter is a big deal here in Australia, whether you celebrate the actual event, we all enjoy the extended holiday. Spending time with family, friends and our dogs is top of the agenda as we enjoy the last scraps of sunshine... because Winter is coming!

While we all celebrate, eat chocolate and other delicious food, we all have a responsibility to ensure our paw'd companions and family members not only enjoy the holiday, but are not put in danger from consuming chocolate, food scraps and food/lolly wrappers that are left lying around. There is no need to stress or let this take over your holiday, simply ensure that you have things setup in your family household to include and protect everyone attending.

Presents For Paws has organised a few Easter treats for the paws in your family this Easter including a tough Dinosaur Easter Egg, available in 5 different colours. It is made of high quality TPR and hardened Nylon shell. The TPR is chewy and features multi-shaped massage bumps, perfect to soothe gums for heavy chewers. Dogs don’t eat chocolate but they LOVE our Easter Dinosaur Eggs!

Do you have a dog that needs something to snuggle? Our cuddly Bunny and rope carrot Pack is the perfect gift for your snuggle paws this Easter. Our Bunny is a soft, plush toy with chew resistant outer material and a squeak inside. The bright carrot is made from cotton rope and is the perfect chewy combination for small to medium size dogs.

Want an Easter treat? Get 10% off both our Easter options for tough and cuddly paws, simply use code - EASTER2022 until April 10. All pricing INCLUDES shipping to any address in Australia, no extra surprises on any size order.