Reasons why the right toys matter!

Reasons why the right toys matter!

Why do dogs need toys? If you have the right selection of toys for your pawsome dog, you can help enrich their lives in many ways. Finding the best dog toys for any set of paws in your life, whether they are your own dog, a family members or friends is vital to ensure you are getting value and the dog gets something suitable for their breed, size and activities they enjoy.

Dogs use toys to learn, develop, calm, bond and explore their natural instincts so it is important to have a good selection of the right toys that match your dog's stage of life, breed and temperament. It's not simply a matter of picking toys to suit the size of your dog, but their temperament and breed. There are dogs of every size that love soft cuddly toys and just as many that require tough and chewy options to match their needs... and that is why we customise our toy boxes to give the best toys, perfectly matched and ready to entertain.

This is exactly why we started Presents For Paws! We are passionate dog owners and over the past 2 years we have tested thousands of different products to create lists of go-to products for dogs, regardless of breed, temperament or age. We were sick of walking into pet shops to be overwhelmed by walls of toys and being consistently put in the position where we simply chose something depending on our own current mood and budget, often finding that the toys did not last or were not interesting to our dogs.

Research, testing and meetings with manufacturers led us to find the best dog toys that help physically and mentally but also to help their humans understand and develop better relationships with their paw'd family members. Our packs are designed to help dogs entertain themselves, sleep better, build independence, develop and learn their natural born instincts, support anxious and destructive behaviour and build a bond between them and you.

Toys are NOT just for Christmas, they are vital to everyday life, and when chosen correctly can not only make their lives more enjoyable, but for the whole family. When a customer creates a profile on our site ( we are able to cultivate ongoing packs that are constantly unique, but designed for their stage of life and current requirements. Everything from teething and physical growth to environmental changes are taken into account and our team is constantly communicating with customers to perfectly supply the right items at the right time.

With the right selection of toys, your dog will

Sleep better
Build Independence
Have Fun
Enhance Development and Learning
Support anxiety helping paws to remain calm
Curtail destructive behaviour
Help build bonds between you and them

Dog love to sleep... but always seemingly with one eye open! With the jingle of keys, the sound of a car pulling into the driveway or the opening of a door, dogs are ready for action. Sleep is an important part of your dogs life as it allows them to recharge and be ready when you are to play, snuggle, walk, eat or go on an adventure! Some dogs benefit from having toys to sleep with to cuddle while dreaming about chasing possums.

It is vital that your dog is able to spend time on their own, without becoming anxious, destructive or barky. Toys that distract or give them something to sooth chewing nature need to be strong but soft, tough but soothing, which is why we use a range of strong TPR (thermo plastic rubber) amongst other items to help keep them satisfied. Having fun with your dog, whether playing tug, retrieving or catch is a great activity for the whole family and will help grow bonds between you and your paws.

Letting dogs practise their natural instincts is also vital, so finding the best toys to match your breed is just as important. Whether they want to chase, chew, tug or fetch, cuddle and protect, we are able to match the right items to any temperament and ensure they feel happy and at home always.

If your dog loves to chew your sox, shoes or legs of the couch, the right toys will not only help you keep your home in working order, but help them with their natural desire to chew. Dogs LOVE toys and when you play with them, it increases your bond, connection and relationship so the only question is... what are the best toys for your dog?

If you are wondering what kinds of toys might work for your dog and family, we are always up for a chat and can help advise you on items to look out for when shopping. Our chat is always open at the bottom right of your screen or visit our contact page if you have any questions.