Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate Gift Boxes

Finding a unique way to reward, thank, send care or thoughts can be a tricky task leaving many to wonder 'Will they like this bottle of wine, skin-care lotion or cheese?'. If they own a dog, we have a solution that will ensure they receive something that is not only useful and beautiful, but shows you understand how important their dog is to them.

Corporate Gift Boxes have always been a popular way for companies to connect with staff and those that help them. This has become even more important during the past few years as the connection between your team has been largely virtual. Knowing your staff and what they like can be a hard task. Do they drink, or do they have any allergies or dislikes when it comes to food, clothing etc. The one thing that you can be sure of when thinking about what your staff might like is that if they own a dog, we have the pawfect corporate box selection that will ensure the thing your staff love more than themselves is lovingly spoilt with a customised box of toys and accessories to match their breed, temperament age and even their humans favourite colours.

Over the course of the past decade and especially in the past few years humans throughout Australia have welcomed dogs into their hearts and homes by the pack-load.

Big dogs, small dogs, pedigree or rescue, dogs are amazing companions and always have been. The attitude from owners to make sure their dog is treated like another family member, rather than a pet has certainly become a lot more evident and prominent in recent years. Dogs eat incredible food, wear outlandishly expensive clothing and every second dog I meet has their own Instagram or TikTok account. What I am trying to say is that Dogs are vitally important and special to every one of their human family members and are the perfect ones to spoil.

We created the Presents For Paws Corporate Boxes to create a quality and exciting gift box with a selection of high quality dog toys, perfectly customised to the dog they will be sent to. Not only this, but we also include a vinyl decal on the top and or front of the box to personalise it, adding another layer to the excitement of receiving one of our gift boxes.

How We Select Your Customised Items
With any gift box you purchase from Presents For Paws, we go the extra mile to ensure that everything about your box is perfect. The decal we include on the top of the box can be in a range of different colours, fonts and personalised. We include either a hand-written or typed note so they know exactly why its been sent and who sent it.

The contents of the box can be as varied in shape and size always with the paws in mind to who they will be sent. We have created 4 Corporate boxes covering all the different combinations of toys that are favourites with the thousands of customers that have received one of our customised toy boxes.

Once you select one of the boxes, we ask a few simple questions about your order to create a box with the right size, style and colour toys.

Which Box is Right For Me?
Presents For Paws has 4 Corporate Boxes, covering every dog and gift reason. If you are unsure what kinds of toys your gift receiver will like, the best option is the Customised Corner Office Toy Box as this lets our skilled team curate a selection of products that will not only be suitable but adored.

The Wellbeing Woofer Toy Box
This is our care box, stuffed with soft, quality plush toys for the dog that loves to cuddle, carry and wrestle with their toys. Presents For Paws has a large selection of plush toys designed for different size and temperament dogs at any stage of life. Our puppy range features chew mesh material that is tougher, so teething puppies have something soft but strong to soothe their gums as their adult teeth come through. Everything from Bears to Elephants, Bunnies and Ducks, we have something to suit every set of cuddly paws in both bright and mellow colours.

The Zoom Meeting Zoomies Toy Box
Perfect for the dog that loves to chase, chew and steal Mum's and Dad's socks! As the name implies, dogs that zoom around obliviously in the background while your video meetings are going on are the kinds of dogs that will adore this box. The items in this box are made mainly of two different types of rubber. Natural Rubber is a rubber made without the use of toxic materials making them much safer for your dog. Rubber is strong and pliable so is used in dog toys extensively, especially in chew toys or for active dogs. The other rubber we use extensively is TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). TPR is widely known for its use in medical equipment as it is very soft and extremely strong. We love TPR for chew and chase items as it is lightweight so great indoors and can withstand intense chewing from dogs of all sizes.

The Corporate Zoo Toy Box
We created the Corporate Zoo as our play on a simple play on words that has been very popular with our corporate customers in recent months. Featuring a series of Rope animals, such as lions, dinosaurs, elephants, ducks, penguin and crocodile. A favourite with a wide range of dogs, our cotton rope toys are soft, strong and fun!

The Customised Corner Office Toy Box
If you know a few things about the dog you are sending to, such as their breed and approx age, our Customised Corner Office Box is the box for you. We customise every item; from ropes, chew toys, plush toys and a host of accessories to make sure your package is purpose built from the ground up for your staff member's dog. With thousands of different items in our range, we are able to satisfy any breed, temperament or age dog and their parent's favourite colours.

If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to gift a staff member or company friend, we are here to ensure that every detail is lovingly ticked. Contact us anytime at to discuss your needs and let us elevate your company gift register.