Are You Ready For A New Era In Animal Holistic Health?

Are You Ready For A New Era In Animal Holistic Health?

Are You Ready For A New Era In Animal Holistic Health?

Firstly, I want to start this blog by stating that I am not a Vet, nor a Doctor. I am however a very reserved researcher who, just like you, cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of my animals. Today I want to showcase an Australian business that truely cares about animals as much as I do. I feel that the holistic field of animal nutrition is full of false promises and fake information and I have worked hard to find something that is a bright light in this field and is 100% Aussie owned, operated and... well, have a read and please research and discuss any health options for your pets with your chosen practitioner.

For decades, humanity has researched and tested many vital and natural, holistic products to enhance animal health, both inside and out. Here at Presents For Paws, we care deeply about products and services that enable dogs and all animals to live a better life with their human companions.

Presents For Paws has worked with and sponsored clubs, events, organisations and even businesses that work hard to enhance the world of dogs and last year we met an extraordinary woman who is single-handedly doing everything I strive for... and a lot lot more. Her name is Anna-marie, and while that is important, I am sure she would much rather I tell you why I feel this way about her work. Anna-marie is the founder and owner of Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd, and has brought to market a brand of products for Animals called AnuEra Animal Nutrition.

Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and create 100% natural multifunctional supplements designed to holistically enhance your dogs entire body. Owned, created and sourced ingredients from right here in Australia make AnuEra Animal Nutrition unique, but this is just the first big difference that sets AnuEra Animal Nutrition apart from the rest.

Tasmanian Salmon oil makes up 99% of the ingredients found in AnuEra's natural Aussie made Salmon Oil. How does that compare to the others you have investigated or used? Currently the market is flooded with oils for Animal made from seed. The problem is all seed oils are not naturally bioavailable to dogs, which means that their body has to convert the oil first to be of any benefit.

The other issue with seed based oils is that the dog needs certain enzymes in their system to make it bioavailable (which does not naturally occur). This means that if the animal is not supplemented with those enzymes in their diets, the product is not beneficial and often useless. Converting the seed oils causes stress on the body and that is the exact opposite of what it should do.

The only oil that is 100% bioavailable to dogs is marine sourced, and by using AnuEra Animal Nutrition Tasmanian Salmon Oil in your dogs diet, they get 100% of the benefits, without all the work.

AnuEra Animal Nutrition Tasmanian Salmon Oil is rich in Omega 3 and will help strengthen immune system, act as an anti-inflammatory and relieve joint pain just to name a few benefits. I have been testing and talking about this product for the past few months and I have been thrilled at the results on both counts. I am lucky enough to be connected with a wide range of animal professionals. From Vets, to Breeders and Trainers, I am constantly looking for more insight on what works and why. The absolute lack of ingredients in AnuEra's Tasmanian Salmon Oil says it all. 99% of the product is Tasmanian produced salmon oil and just 1% is a vital ingredient that is used to boost and preserve the oil. Don't simply take my word on this, please, go and look at your current pet Oil and compare it to this brilliant Aussie product.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of AnuEra Animal Nutrition Tasmanian Salmon Oil, please visit our Supplement Section.

The other product range we are stocking is AnuEra's completely natural Probiotic, designed from natural ingredients and based on over 30 years of research in livestock supplements. This is a product I will go into in greater detail in an upcoming blog, but in short, the AnuEra Probiotic is a balanced, holistic and natural probiotic. It is designed to improve many areas of your dogs life including gut health, inflammation, immune system, anxiety, bad breath, joint pain and much much more. Once again, it only contains what it needs, such as 100% pure high-grade heat-treated probiotic yeast cells, digestive enzymes, nutrient rich blended and balanced edible micro-organisms and none of the terrible fillers or wheat, corn, soy and GMO’s.

To read more about AnuEra's Probiotic, please visit our Supplement Section

Presents For Paws stocks a range of sizes of both AnuEra Animal Nutrition Tasmanian Salmon Oil and Probiotic, so regardless of whether you are looking after simply a single set of paws, or need commercial sizes, we have you covered and can help you with 10 litre/kg sizes, perfect for breeders and commercial pet businesses.